Kevin’s Posts on US Represented–The Sureness of Horses



US Represented has asked me to join their staff, and they’re publishing my work. Among other posts, they’re serializing my novel. A summary:

The Sureness of Horses follows Wade Middleton into Diana Buchanan’s world of horses. Four of the chapters take place in the foxhunting fields near Silicon Valley, California. Diana and Wade’s relationship flows, but it also ebbs. One night when they’re estranged, Wade answers his door to find his best friend’s wife. All she wants is a drink, she says. What follows is a night of betrayal, death and a suicide attempt that orphans their six-year-old daughter. Wade is implicated. Diana drops him. Can time, the young girl, and a shared love of horses get Diana and Wade back on the trail?

Initial chapters:



and, most currently:

US Represented also interviewed me, focusing on the novel:


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